How to make money buying and selling domain names

Making money online by buying and selling domain names have become popular online business amongst big and small internet players. In this article, I will teach you how to buy and sell domain names. I am going to tell you all my secret of buying and selling domain names. I will show you the easy way to find the best domain name in the market and easy way to sell those domain names. It is no more a secret anymore. You can follow the below simple steps and earn money by selling domain names to domain buyers in the marketplace.

How to make money buying and selling domain names?

I understand that you are here to learn how to make money from domain names business. Before moving ahead, let’s understand few of the concepts related to buying and selling a domain name.

  • Domain name

    A domain name is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control within the Internet. Domain names are formed by the rules and procedures of the Domain Name System (DNS). Any name registered in the DNS is a domain name.
    Source: What is Domain name?

  • Domain name extension

    A domain extension is a suffix at the end of a web address, like .com or .net. For example, in the domain name Source: Yahoo: Domain name extension

  • Domain Investor

    Domain investor can be anyone who is investing his/her hard earned money in a domain name. Domain name buying and selling business can be compared with real estate business. The way we have real estate investor, similarly we have domain investor as well. Domain investor will usually buy the domain name and keep it in his/her account for years to let it age. The aged domain has got more value than a fresh domain name.

  • Domain flipping

    Domain flipping is an interesting concept. You buy a domain name at a particular cost and sell it immediately (usually withing one to two months period) at a higher price. Thus making quick money by selling domain name

How to make money by selling a domain name?

Below is step by step details on how to buy a domain name and sell it to make money. Here it goes…

  1. Dedication towards buying and selling domain names business

    This has to be there. Without dedication, it would be impossible to excel in this field. You might have to hold on your domain names for months or maybe years. And if you give up in the middle of the activity then the battle is lost.
    So the key takeaway would be not to lose hopes. Concentrate with positive energy and you should succeed. :)

  2. Build a strong domain portfolio

    Building a strong domain name portfolio requires some amount of research on the internet. In order to build a strong domain portfolio, you will have to do some research and gather the best popular domain names available. The most popular type of domain name is a generic domain name. “Generic domain name”, as the name says, these are the generic names such as cars, hotels, tree, house, etc. Generic names can be a one-word domain name or two words domain name, three words domain names and so on. I would suggest you to go for one and two words domain name since they are very popular amongst domain name buyers and you will get paid better price compared to more than two words domain names.
    Examples of two words generic domain names are LeadGamer, BuyHouse, MyWorld, MyPhone, BuyCar and so on.

    Another type of domain name is a brandable domain name. These are the domain names that can be branded. E.g., Fashee, Google, Yahoo, etc.

    It is easier to find a buyer for generic domain name compared to a brandable domain name. But remember, brandable domain name can fetch good money compared to the generic domain name.

    How to build a strong domain portfolio for buying and selling domain names?

    There are three popular domain name extensions in domain marketplace. These extensions have got great demand compared to the other extensions. These are .com, .org and .net. We all know that almost all the generic .com, .org and .net have already been registered. So what is the solution for this? One solution is to wait for the existing already registered domain names to expire and once it becomes available again in the market we can register it in our name. But the next question is, how to check which domain name is going to expire and when the domain name would be available for the user to register.

    In order to search expired or deleted domain names, you can visit

    If you want to go through the expired domain list then you can visit,

    If you want to go through the deleted domain list then you can visit,

    There are two ways how you can register a domain name found in the above list. The first way is to wait until the domain name becomes available to the user and go to a registrar web site and register the desired domain name. The problem here is that you will have to constantly keep looking at the domain name status and as soon as it becomes available you will have to register it. If someone else register before you, then all your effort is wasted.

    The another way to do the above task is to let someone else monitor the domain name status and register it on your behalf. These service provider will constantly keep on monitoring your desired domain name and will grab it for you as soon as it becomes available. The grabbing process is automated and hence can be relied upon. This process is called domain back-ordering. Domain backorders service provider usually charge nominal fees for their service.

    Below is the list of some good domain back-orders service provider:


    If you are really interested in acquiring the domain name, then I would recommend you to place backorders on all the above service providers.

  3. Register the desired domain name

    If the desired domain name is available for registration then you can register at If it is not available for registration then you can check the above steps for acquiring a domain name through backorders service.

  4. Advertise your domain name for Sale

    Once you have acquired the domain names, the next step is to let the potential buyers know that the domain name is for sale.
    There are many domain name marketplace available which will let you buy and sell your domain names. You can use the below websites for selling your domain name.

  5. Get the payment in your Paypal or bank account

    Follow the above steps and once your domain is sold, you can get your payment either in Paypal account or your local bank account.

Now that you are aware of how you can make money by buying and selling the domain name, go and grab the opportunity and make money online. If you want me to include anything then you can post your comments and I will surely revert.

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