How to make money by selling mobile apps

Making money by selling mobile apps is the current trend in the money making market. I have seen many developers who are making a good amount of cash by selling mobile apps. You can also make money by selling mobile apps. Please make a note that I am talking about selling the mobile app (Native/Hybrid) and not about the mobile web application. Before proceeding ahead, you should know what it takes to be on top and earn a satisfactory amount of cash.

The great thing here is you can earn money even if you are not a developer. If you have an idea or concept for your app then you can hire a developer and get a mobile app developed which you can sell and make money.

How to make money by selling mobile applications?

Follow the below steps if you want to make money selling mobile apps:

  1. Learn mobile application development
    This is the first step if you do not want to be dependent on others or do not want to do initial investment by hiring a developer work for you. iOS and Android are the two leading mobile OS currently in the world of mobile. There are many mobile app development tutorial websites available on the internet which can help you learn app development.
    If you are already an expert in this field, then move on to the next step. 😀
  2. Get an idea for the app
    This is the most important step of making money by selling mobile apps. Your app concept will decide your future. Think of something unique, attractive and which is not currently available in the market. Think about the end users and feasibility of developing the application while deciding on the concept. There is not point spending a month on developing an app which will have only 1000 potential users. Think twice before proceeding ahead. Ask yourself a question – “If I had to use this app then how frequently will I use it?”. If you get a satisfactory answer then proceed ahead else think about a new idea. Get an idea that can be addictive, like games or chat application.
  3. Develop the mobile app
    The next step is to start with the app development. If you do not know anything about mobile application development, then you can hire a developer and get the things done. You can visit and hire a developer.
  4. Test the mobile application
    Once you are done with the mobile application development, make sure you concentrate on usability and test the application for any defects. There are many mobile applications available in the market full of defects. No one would love to use an app which will crash during the middle of an activity.
  5. Find suitable buyers for your mobile app
    Once you are ready with the mobile application, the next step is to place your mobile app in front of potential buyers for sale. There are many mobile app marketplaces available which will help you sell your mobile app quickly and at the best price. You can try selling your mobile application at below marketplaces.

    1. Flippa Mobile Marketplace
    2. Chupamobile Marketplace

    There are many other websites available on the internet. You can simply google it and list your application for sale.

Making money online from selling mobile app is not difficult provided you put your efforts in the right direction and in a right way. Develop something which will interest end users and which can be addictive.

If you want me to add any pointers then feel free to post your comments. I would be happy to incorporate your comments in this post.

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