How to make money selling themes online

Is it easy to make money online? I would answer “Yes” provided you move in the right direction. If you move ahead without any planning or setting up a goal in mind then it would be impossible to earn decent amount of money from online source. In my previous articles, I have explained various ways to make money online. In this article, I will walk you through steps to make money online by selling themes. This approach can be used for selling any kind of themes, be it WordPress themes, HTML themes, eCommerce themes etc.

How to make money by selling themes online?

In order to sell themes online and make money, you will have to follow below mentioned basic steps. I can only provide you with the steps. It is up to you how you use your creative and talented head and take it to the next level of success.

Steps to sell themes online and make money

  1. Decide on the theme base
    This is the first step towards earning money online by selling a theme. You need to decide on the base. Decide if you want to go with designing for WordPress, basic HTML web pages themes, eCommerce themes etc. I would recommend you to pick one base and proceed ahead. If you are talented and can do multi-tasking then proceeding ahead with multiple base would increase your opportunity to earn money quickly. Also, make sure you decide on it based on the demand in the market. If you opt for something which has very low demand then you might end up wasting time developing the theme with no or few buyers for your theme
  2. Learn to develop theme
    This is the next step if you want to earn money selling themes online. If you are already an expert in the theme development then you can skip this step. Else, I would recommend you to learn theme development. There are many free online video tutorials available on internet which can help you teach theme development for free. I would recommend you to visit YouTube and get the best free tutor to learn theme development
  3. Hire a web designer/developer
    This step can be skipped if you know how to develop a theme and you have time to develop one. 😀 If you are falling short of time or you are too lazy to learn theme development, then you can hire a web designer/developer who can get a theme developed for you. You can hire a web developer from here –
  4. Develop your theme
    At this stage, you will have to develop the theme and test it in order to make sure that the theme is free of all sort of bugs and defects. A defective theme will not only move away the potential buyers, it will also lower your reputation in the market. So, please make sure you test your theme before launching it in the market for sale
  5. Select the right approach to Sell your theme
    There are different ways to make money from themes. Below are the two most commonly used approach to sell a theme:

    • Sell the theme for a fixed price
      You can decide on the theme price and sell your theme for a fixed price. Remember not to price the theme too high else you will find it very difficult to get buyers. If you have unique features in the theme which is not available in your competitors theme, then you might have an option to price it little more on the higher side
    • Give away the theme for free
      You must be thinking, how will I make money if I give away my theme for free. :) You can give away the theme for free for users to use the basic features and then you can charge the users if they would like to use premium unique features provided by your theme. This approach works best if you have developed something which is very unique in the market
  6. List you theme for sale
    There are many online portals which will allow you to sell your themes online. They will allow you to list your themes and will charge you a small fee on successful sale. Following are the list of popular marketplace which can be used to list and sell themes online:

So what are you waiting for. Follow the above steps and jump into the pool of money making business. If you have any suggestion, feel free to comment. :)

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