How to make money teaching online – Step by step guide to Webinar coaching

In this article, I will teach you how to start and set-up online coaching class. You can make money teaching online by setting up online coaching class also know as Webinar coaching. I am going to tell you the secret, how I set-up online class and conducted my first webinar session to make money teaching online. I will provide you step-by-step details along with the tools required to conduct the online class and make money from it. The steps mentioned in this article was actually followed by me and I was successfully able to make money teaching online through webinar sessions. Hence, you can totally rely on the below steps to earn money teaching online.

I have myself tried the below steps and have actually conducted online class and have earned money from it. I am eager to share the knowledge I have gained from the experience of teaching online. Simply follow the below steps and you should be able to earn money by teaching online.

How easy is it to make money teaching online?
If you want to make money from teaching online then you will have to put lots of effort. You will have to advertise, gather students, arrange various tools required i.e. software and hardware, make arrangements for accepting payments online and conduct online classes. Managing all these activities is a very tedious task. But trust me, all your efforts will pay off if you do it in a right way. :)

So, without wasting more time, let’s have a look at how to make money teaching online.

How to make money teaching online?

  1. Create a website for online presence
    If you want to create your online presence, then having a website is a must. Your website represents your business. And if you are getting into online teaching business, then having a website is mandatory.
    Create a clean and neat looking website. Specify each and every minute detail about the course which includes:

    • Name of the course
    • Scheduled date and time along with the time zone
    • Total no. of sessions
    • Course fees
    • Course objectives
    • Course delivery method
    • Topics to be covered in the online session
    • Topics excluded from the course
    • Name of the tutor along with the details such as work experience and qualification
    • Money refund policy
    • How to enroll
    • Pre-requisite (hardware/software)
    • Provide your contact number and email ID on your website so that students can reach out to you in case of any questions
  2. Set-up online payment option
    In order to accept payments online, you will have to set-up online payment system and integrate it with your website. If you a website developer, then it will be easy for you to integrate online payment gateway. Else, you can hire a web developer to do this task for you.
    I would recommend you to go with Payment Gateway.If you do not want to integrate online payment system then you can opt for online bank transfer or offline payments such as cash payment or check payment. But, if you have a student residing far away from your locality or in some other country then direct bank transfer and offline payment options might be difficult
  3. Prepare study material
    Make sure you prepare study materials and assignments for your students. It will help your students to recollect whatever was taught to them during the online session
  4. Advertise your website
    Once you have created a website and integrated payment gateway, the next step to make money teaching online is to advertise the website. You can use Facebook Ads and Google Adwords to advertise your website and gather students
  5. Set-up hardware and software requirements
    The next step to making money is setting up hardware and software requirements. In order to conduct online teaching sessions, you would need the following hardware:

    • Laptop/PC
    • High-Quality Microphone
    • Speaker
    • Webcam (optional)

    In addition, you would software which can help you conduct webinar session and let students join together and connect to you at the same time. Following are the few tool available in the market.

  6. Conduct the classes
    Once you are ready with the website, gathered students and accepted payments, conduct the classes online using the above tools mentioned
  7. Get the feedback and improve
    Don’t forget to get the feedback from your students. Feedback will help you understand your flaws and will help you improve which in turn will increase the popularity of your website

You can easily make money teaching online if you have patience and dedication towards sharing the knowledge. The above step-by-step guide on how to set-up online coaching class will help you reach your goal.

So what are you waiting for? Follow the above steps and start making money teaching online. :)

Try it out and post your comments. I would love to hear the success stories.

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