How to set-up and make money from freelance web designing business

Get step-by-step details on how to set-up and make money from freelance web designing business

In the today’s age of the internet, it has become mandatory for the business to have a website. Having a website adds credibility to the business. Before opting for any services or before buying a product, the first thing user do is visit the company’s website. If you are good at web designing then there is a good opportunity for you to start making money online from web designing business.

Again, it is not easy to make money from this business. You will have to work hard and make sure you dedicate some amount of your time, the energy and money to make it happen.

I have personally tried my hands on freelance web designing business and managed to gather few long lasting clients while working for my company. Me and my friend were discussing online money making business. He asked me how can I set-up online business and make money. I am sure there are many people searching on this topic. They know the technology, they know how to create a website and publish it. But some of them lack business mind. They are not aware how to set up web designing business and get the first client.

In this article, I will let my secret out. I will show you how I started with freelance web designing business and make money out of it.

How to make money by setting up web designing business

Follow the below steps and set-up freelance web designing business:

  1. Get a domain name for your business

    This is the first step of any kind of online business. Get a good catchy domain name which is easy to remember and related to the area of your business. You can buy a domain name from

  2. Set-up your website

    Once you have purchased the domain name, the next step is to create a beautiful looking website for your domain name. Make sure you make your website neat and clean. Your website represents your freelancing business. Make sure you cover every aspect of your business. E.g, who you are, what you do, where are you located, what kind of services you provide, why should your customer chose you, how do you accept the payments, terms and conditions etc.

    Also, you should never hide your identity. If possible, try to add your contact information on your website. This will help potential customers gain trust in you.

  3. Create a network of freelancers

    If you are planning to accept multiple assignments at a time and if you are the only one who would be working on it, then I bet you won’t get time to work on those assignments and you might end up getting negative feedback from the clients with projects getting delayed. In order to avoid such situation, you can contact local web designing companies or your friends who can handle these types of work. So, in case you get multiple assignments, then you can assign the task to someone else rather than ruining your reputation.

    Creating a network can also help you to get assignments in case someone else is overloaded and you looking for some work. Win win situation for both. 😀

  4. Advertise your website

    If you want to make money from web designing business then you will have to invest a little in an advertisement. Once you are ready with your website, the next step is to create a list of potential customers. In order to get a customer, you will have to advertise your business. You can advertise your business online or offline. If you are a small business or start-up then online advertisement would work better because of its high global reach and low cost.

    The best way of online advertisement to get a client is through Google Adwords. I have never tried other than google Adwords because it has always worked for me. In order to get started with online advertisement, visit Google Adwords.

    Another way to get client is through You will have to register for a free account and you can search for freelance jobs online.

    If you have anything else in your mind, you can go for it. After all it is your business. I will mind my own business… 😀

  5. Get a client

    Now that you have started with the advertisement, you must be getting inquiries as well. Congratulation! You are very near to your goal.
    The next step is to contact your potential client and understand their needs. If needed, you can meet the potential customer in person and finalize the deal. This can be a lengthy process, but it’s worth putting 100% of your energy. After all, it’s all about making money.

  6. Complete the assignment and get paid

    Once you get the client, start working on the assignment and complete it within the deadline. Hurray… You are almost done. Once completed, you can accept the payment via. cash or accept online payment in your Paypal account or in your bank account. Choice is yours 😀

I recommend you the below tool for Free & easy accounting, invoicing. It is free and reliable. I manage my invoicing and accounting through it.

This is how you can make money from freelance web designing business. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to post comments. :)

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