How to start an online store and earn money online

Looking for ways to earn money online? Here is a chance. You can start an online store or businessĀ and make money online. Yes, you heard it right. Online business is one of the fastest growing business on the internet. The time is gone when you used to go to the nearby store to buy every small item you needed. You are in the age of an internet where you will find almost everything online. Be it grocery, clothing, mobile phones or any damn thing, you will find it online.

Want to start an online store or online business and make money online?

You can start an online store and make money from online store by selling goods. But, how easy is it to start an online store? Starting up an online store or business is as easy as reading this article. It is as simple as dreaming. Just kidding šŸ˜€ It is easy to start an online store, but you will have to work hard to make it a success. You will have to follow certain rules of doing business. If you follow it, then trust me, starting and running an online store and making money out of it will be an awesome experience for you.

In this article, I will teach you how to start an online store or businessĀ and start making money online by selling goods.

Do I need to have technical knowledge in order to set-up and start an online store?
Well, the answer is yes. You would need some level of technical background if you want to start an online business store by yourself. You can give it a try. If you are unable to proceed ahead with setting up an online store then you can hire a freelance website developer who can help you do this job.

Without wasting much time, let us proceed ahead…

Before starting an online store, you will have to select the type of online store E.g., online clothing store, online baby products store, online electronics store etc.

Tips: Before selecting the type of store make sure you do thorough research and analyze the level of competition. There is no point investing your time and money in setting up an online clothing store if there are already many online popular clothing shops. Your store will get buried under their popularity.
Obviously, if you have kept aside a huge budget to market your store then you can proceed ahead.
Anyways, it is always better to take out some time to decide on the type of online store.

How to start an online store or business and make money?

Follow the below simple steps and start an online store on your own.

    1. Register your company and your brand
    2. Get a domain name for your business
      This is the important step in setting up an online business. Get a good catchy domain name which is easy to remember and related to the area of your business. You can buy a domain name from
    3. Buy a web hosting space
      Web hosting is nothing but a storage space for your website. You would need a web hosting space in order to host a website. Without web hosting, you won’t be able to proceed ahead. You can buy a web hosting from
    4. Set-up the website
      Once you have purchased the domain name and web hosting space, the next step is to create a beautiful looking web portal for your business which will allow you to sell your products online.
      There are many free open source eCommerce platforms available online. You can make full use of it in order to set up your own online store. Few of them are:

      Select any one of the above and download the set-up. These sites have very well organized documentation on how to set-up the portal. You can follow the steps and do it yourself

    5. Give a look to your website
      Nobody is going to get attracted towards shady looking store. If your store is beautiful, then it is easier to attract the customers. You can make your website beautiful by creating a new theme for your website. You can hire a freelance website designer to get this job done. If you don’t have a big budget, then you can buy one from This is one of the most popular online portals for buying the themes. Create an account, select the type of portal e.g., OpenCart. PrestShop etc., select the theme and purchase it. In order to install the theme, you can refer to the documentation provided along with the purchased theme.
    6. Register for a payment gateway and integrate it
      In order to enable users to buy products online, you will have to provide them with the mechanism to make payments online. This can be done using online payment gateway. There are many payment gateways available in the market. You can register with them and integrate it with your online portal. Make sure you opt for the payment gateway supported by your eCommerce platform.
    7. List the products
      Once you are done with the set-up, login to the admin panel of your portal and list the products
    8. Set-up customer support team
      This is an another important step. Great customer support can take your business to new heights. Yes, it is the fact. Spend more time on improving the quality of the customer support. Your customer will take into consideration the quality of the customer support before placing any order. High customer support quality means high customer satisfaction, which in turn will lead to higher sales
    9. Advertise your website
      At this point, you should be ready with your online shopping portal. In order to let the customer know about your website, you will have to advertise it. You can advertise it online or you can use TV commercial ads for promoting your brand. If you have a huge budget then you can approach marketing agencies for promoting your business and brand
    10. Earn money
      Work hard, train your customer support team, promote your business and you will surely make money from selling products online

    It is very easy to start an online store business and make money online from selling products online. If you have any questions or suggestions on ways to make money online by selling goods, feel free to post your comments.

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